To celebrate Farnborough Rotary clubs 50th anniversary this year a tree has been planted at King George V playing fields, Sycamore Road Farnborough on Monday 6th April.

The event was attended by over 35 rotarians and the Mayor of Rushmoor Alan Ferrier accompanied by the Mayoress.Mayor Alan Ferrier  and Farnborough Rotary President Bill Cooke

In his speech the mayor said that he had worked with many of the local rotary clubs and understood the high standing the clubs had with the local community. This he said, was  due to the rotary club’s commitment to local projects.

The president of Farnborough Rotary club Bill Cooke, also made a speech and said the following

“50 years ago on the 5th of January 1959 Farnborough Rotary Club came into being.

Over the years the Club has attracted members from many different backgrounds and  professions who enjoy meeting regularly for lunch and combining social activities with raising money for” good causes”.

The bulk of the money that has been raised comes from Farnborough people whose generosity is amazing. Over the years we have raised over three quarters of a million pounds, and most of this money has been passed on to local charities and people “in need”. We have also supported international appeals i.e. the Tsunami disaster, and causes such as the elimination of polio. Every penny  donated goes to charity, all the clubs expenses being  paid for by the membership.

This year to commemorate our anniversary, we would amongst other things like to give something back to the people who have supported us.To this end members past and present have given money to purchase a clock which should shortly be installed in the centre of Farnborough, which we hope will prove both a useful and enduring memento.

Whilst  celebrating our past, we will also be looking to the future, and if anyone who lives or works in Farnborough would like to be part of that future , please get in touch,”
After pictures and speeches, there was tea and coffees served along with hot cross buns supplied by rotarian John Grenham and delicious they were too.

Farnborough Rotary Club was formed in 1959. One of the original members Harry Haines, still is an active member of the club and attends most lunch-time meetings.

The tree was a gift from Rushmoor Borough Council for which we are grateful.

Below is a picture of the plaque

Plaque for Farnborough Rotary Club

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