Curry Night with Rushmoor Rotary Club

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Rushmoor rotary club are organising a curry night on Wednesday 30th September. Tickets are £15 per person and include (according to the flyer) a meal, activities and a bonfire. Proceeds are going to local charity Parity For Disability Sounds like a lot of fun, although I wonder what activities they mean. I’ll be there as will some of the members of Farnborough rotary club

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Working to Eradicate Polio

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‘Thanks for Life’, is a project involving the clubs and members of Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland, aimed at helping to eradicate polio throughout the world. Thanks For Life is a purpose-built initiative, specifically designed to combine the talents and efforts of every Rotary club in RIBI with these main aims… To raise £1m for Polio Eradication through the Thanks for Life initiative. To maximise public awareness of the Rotary Polio campaign, the Gates...

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Frank Sinatra Evening

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Sean has suggested that 29th October be an evening remembering Frank Sinatra and Dean martin, this would be a great ending to the Club’s 50th Anniversary year. I hope that ALL Farnborough Rotarians will attend and bring friends if you can. Jeremy

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Picnic To Music In The Park

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Picnic to music in the park is just days away. Days away from one of the biggest events in Farnborough this year The event is organised by Fanborough rotary club, but with the help of other local rotary clubs too. In fact, if it wasn’t for the help of the other clubs, I don’t know how we would do it…In fact we couldn’t do it without them. We are also helped by members of Rotaract too, they are like younger members of Rotary and a very worthwhile organisation to get...

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Farnborough Donkey Derby Success-Thank you

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Farnborough’s Donkey Derby took place yesterday and it was a tremendous success. The sun shone, the crowds came out and a good time was had by all. The event, which is organised by the local rotary clubs is an annual event that raises funds for local charities. The numbers are not in yet, but a guess (only by me your local on the ground reporter, who can’t really count) is that there was upwards of 5,000 people. The amount of money raised was………..I don’t...

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Rotary’s Recent Golf Competion Winner

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Recently members of Farnborough Rotary club held its twice a year  golf competition at Southwood. The winner was rotarian Laurie Dudley. Unfortunatley, Laurie had to leave directly after playing so couldn’t recieve his trophy. This was amended last Thursday, so here is the photo of the winner with Dave...

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Clock Unveiling In Farnborough Video

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We recently unveiled the new clock in Farnborough’s Queensmead shopping centre. The Mayor was in attendance along with around 25-30 rotary members and their wives and partners. All was going well and we were going to record the speeches at the unveiling, when…. the video stopped and we couln’t get that cruicial moment on tape…sorry. I dashed all all over town (knowing that I only had 10 minutes) to get a replacement tape, only to find that when I got was done...

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Crowd Turns Out For Clock Unveiling

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Quite a number of Farnborough rotarians turned out for the unveiling of the  commemorative clock which was given to the people of Farnborough by Farnborough Rotary club. In this picture, taken in the Queensmeadshopping centre,  the Mayor Alan Ferrier, his wife Sandra, Bill Cooke – the president of Farnborough Rotary club are flanked by members of the club. Click on the Picture to view a bigger...

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Farnborough has a new clock

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Farnborough Rotary Club have unveiled a new clock to commemorate their 50th anniversary at the Princesmead Shopping Centre in Farnborough. The clock was unveiled by the Mayor of Farnborough, Alan Ferrier and the president of Farnborough Rotary Club Mr Bill Cooke. In a speech from the Mayor, he praised the work of the local rotary clubs and Farnborough in particular for its work in the community. Mr Cooke said “Over 50 years the people of Farnborough and the local area have donated in...

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