Last Thursday, we were visited by the Bishop of Dorking Rt. Revd Dr Jo Bailey-Wells.

Jo gave us a very entertaining talk about her connection with Rotary, which goes back to her time at Cambridge University, she studied at Corpus Christi College. She was offered the opportunity of a Rotary Scholarship, which meant that she could study with all expenses paid for one year, provided she came back.

She volunteered to go to different parts of Africa to be involved in global developments and to try and re-address the balance of world debt and world power. 

When she came back to UK, she was invited to attend a college in Minnesota USA. It was here that she found he calling to serve God.

She is married to Sam Wells who is the vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields in central London. They live in Guildford.

She also talked about her time when she served as Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury  Justin Welby


Right Revd Dr Jo Bailey-Wells and Farnborough Rotary President Ted Benneyworth

There is more information about on her Wikipedia page…

Joanne Caladine Bailey Wells[1] (née Bailey; born 1965) is a British Anglican bishop, theologian, and academic. Since 29 June 2016, she has been the Bishop of Dorking, a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Guildford.[2] Previously, she was a lecturer in the Old Testament and Biblical theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and then associate professor of Bible and Ministry at Duke Divinity SchoolDuke University.[3] From 2013 until she fully took up her bishop’s role on 25 September 2016,[4] she had served as Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury.[5]

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