The Club ‘rollerball’ evening arranged by president elect Geoff Robinshaw at the Jolly Farmer at Blacknest with meals in a basket backup was a great success.
It was held on 31st January.
It is reported that 50% of members partners and guests managed to make a strike. This was achieved without accidents to any of the participants and especially those responsible for replacing the skitttles ,which included a recent past president, and before the next deranged rotarian lined up for their turn.
Substantial Prizes Given
A number of substantial prizes were presented by host Geoff. This included a heavily financed 25 ml of red wine to overall winner John Marsh.
Whilst he failed to share this with the downtrodden losers, the winners of the tins of chocolates were, in contrast, overwhelmingly generous.
(Written by Rotarian Graham Thomas)
Skittles Evening The plotters Rotarian Geglan Rowe Bowling Rotarian Michael Smailes Bowling

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