This week we had special visitor to our club the District Governor Vivian Gicquel.

Rotary is a worldwide organisation with clubs in almost all countries through out the world.

Here in the UK and Ireland, we have our own organisation under the Rotary umbrella called RIBI and throughout the country we have districts.

District 1140 brings together the 46 Rotary Clubs in six Greater London Boroughs and neighboring parts of Surrey and Hampshire to develop fellowship and service opportunities.

Vivian, who took over the job on the 1st of July, came to visit and give us a talk about the activities of other clubs and the need to find new members.

She stressed the need to find active members, not necessarily of any particular age group, but to recruit members who can be active in the club and community.

She talked about how she found our club to be really friendly and welcoming. She also asked various members in the room why they joined Rotary and she came to the conclusion, after listening to various members tell their story, that they had simply been asked..

A great visit from a really down to earth District Governor, we wish her well for the rest of the year.

DG Visit

Vivian, President Tim and Member (Mayor) Dine Bedford

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