Article by Henry Bodkin courtesy of Farnborough News and Mail

Year nine pupils of Ash Manor School underwent a day of mock interviews to get them thinking about the world of work.

A team of 18 interviewers including eight business people from Farnborough Rotary club, conducted 1 to 1 conversations with all 180 of the schools 13 and 14 year olds, giving them giving them tips on interview techniques as well as discussing potential career choices.

As part of a challenge, each pupil had to research a potential job and then fill in an application form. Among the cohort were teenagers set on becoming doctors, engineers, bankers and vets

Tina Potter, a Rotary club member and one of the event organisers, said: “We gave them the chance to talk to someone who was not a teacher or parent someone I had never met before”.

“The process of filling in the form beforehand got them thinking what do I practically need to achieve to get where I want to be”.

“For many that meant getting certain grades in their GCSEs, but also includes getting experience and knowledge of jobs they think they might want to do.

Ms. Potter, who runs a language and translation services company, added “Some of the students were really interesting one wanted to be a banker he was as cocky as anything – I think he’ll do well”.

Mike and Tina Farnborough Rotary Club

Miss Potter said the sessions gave an invaluable taster of the pressure of real-life interviews.

“We hope the day gives them the confidence of showing the best of themselves when they eventually come to the real thing” she said.

The day followed a similar collaboration in November between Ash Manor and Farnborough Rotary club when pupils aged 15 and 16 were put through their interview paces

Miss Potter said the Rotarians themselves had ‘really enjoyed’ conducting the mock interviews and that they have been impressed by the focus and preparedness of the pupils.

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