As rotarians, we like to help out in the community. Its just one way of giving back.

We were recently contacted by a friend of Farnborough Rotary club, who has recently suffered a bereavement and found that with all the other things that she had to contend with, the garden had gotten out of control (and its a big garden).

After writing this post for our blog, I just received this note from Jo Gosney……………..
“A number of my Rotary friends spent a day in my garden trimming overgrown
hedges and bushes and clearing undergrowth which had got totally out of control
with all the wet weather we have had. Since my husband died, I have found it
quite difficult to manage some of these tasks but after the fantastic clearance job
done by the Rotarians, I can (to quote a phrase) see the wood for the trees. It
has given me the impetus to continue the good work and keep the garden tidy.

The day was bright and sunny and there was great fellowship shown as the
various tasks were undertaken. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves
judging by the light hearted chatter going on as they strimmed, shredded, raked,
and generally tidied up doing many of the heavy jobs which I cannot do. When
the early shift had gone the remainder enjoyed a lunch, brought in by another
Rotarian, and then completed the job by mid afternoon.

Many, many, thanks for your efforts. I really appreciated your hard work. It has
certainly given me a kick start to get back into my garden”.

Jo Gosney…….

So John Batty, one of our member’s, put out a call to members and 5 days later, a merry group of gardeners and one who doesn’t know a weed from a flower (me), unless its really obvious, like it has petals…..turned up, with forks, secateurs and other machinery.

A great deal of banter ensued, along with the usual joking around…followed by tea. Well you have to have a tea break around 10 am haven’t you. Then it was a glass of squash at 11.00.

Lunch…Yes we had lunch..We were very grateful to Frank Yuen from Wings Restaurant, who just turned up with BBQ spare ribs, chicken curry, chicken with mango and loads of egg fried rice…it was delicious…

Despite the breaks, we did get a great deal done and it was great to be able to do some gardening in the company of others…Real fun.

I’ve posted some pictures below.

Fanborough Rotary In action

A Hardy Group Of Gardeners From Farnborough Rotary Club

Keith Up A Ladder

Another Tea Break

Farnborough Rotary club helping out in the community

Mind Your Fingers Laurie !!

Tim and Diane Getting Stuck Into The Undergrowth…It seems never ending

Aah ! Lunch. Rotarian Frank Yuen from Wings brings lunch for the weary gardeners


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