Farnborough Rotarian, Gloria Benson, will be leaving on a 2.5 week mission along with 18 others from churches in Ash Vale and Ash. Most of the team are young people, two who are part of Gloria’s Youth Group that she co-ordinates for her parishes.

Two Ugandans Recently Visited Ash

Gloria says “this will be a life changing experience for all of us, but from my point of view, being from the older generation, I think some things are going to be tough. One gets used to our spoilt ways of flush toilets, showers, electricity, supermarkets and all those white goods that we seem to own”.

Whilst in Uganda the team will be working with

  • Street Kids: this project has been in existence since 1997 and these children have come to know and trust the project leaders. We will be joining in with football, netball and just relaxing over a film or two
  • Visiting Prisons: we will be visiting Kasese District Prison. A lot of the inmates are there for no real reason and getting out isn’t easy with no real judicial system.
  • Women’s micro finance groups: the women in the group will help facilitate this gathering of 120 village leaders in micro finance projects. A lot of the villages are extremely remote and this occasion will give the women time to share the good and bad things about their projects with us only in a facilitation role. These mirco finance projects can change the whole village and what they have done is.
  • Running the Boda Boda bike race: the Boda Boda boys are a large groups of boys who just about earn a living from taking people around Kasese on bikes that they have to hire at very high prices. All of the group help to organize this race and the whole town turns out to watch so it raises the project of this often despised group of young men. This will be the 3rd year that the mission has run this race.

Good luck to Gloria and we hope she brings back some great photos



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