Farnborough Rotary Club’s collections in The Meads, Farnborough, for Philippines disaster relief raised £2757 on Friday and Saturday. With collections also at other venues including B&Q and The Meadows the club had received donations totalling £10,036 over eight days.


Retired fire fighter Tim Vile, in charge of the collections, said “This is a fantastic and generous response from the people of Farnborough and surrounding areas which will make a real difference. We have met with nothing but good will. People have told us they have been deeply moved by the images they have seen of the devastation from Typhoon Haiyan. We are also very grateful to those who gave us access to their venues at extremely short notice.”

Tim, who was deployed for two weeks with a Shelterbox Response Team following the October earthquake in the Philippines, added that the Rotary Club collections will go to Shelterbox which has already delivered and erected several hundred tents and boxes of supplies already. A typical tent and equipment was on show at the collection sites: it enables a family group of 10 to live in safety and dignity for 6 months or more.

Our efforts so far have brought relief to 17 such families.

Thank you everyone.

Contributor Jim Thomson


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