It was an usual night at St. Mark’s Church in Farnborough last Saturday when nearly 40 rotarians plus partners and friends turned out for an evening of pig racing and paella.

Over 90 eagerly awaited the arrival of the pigs, most of us, I included, thought they might be on imported films from some South American country, where this is a traditional night out and so we would bet on the winner in the films.

The organising committee were sworn to secrecy and no-one in the room knew what to expect, apart from the organisers.

So after a hearty meal which offered either chicken or mixed shell fish paella  (cooked expertly by Sue Evans and Lizzie Howarth) And it was delicious – followed by MAN size portions of apple pie and cream and then cheese and biscuits, we felt very well catered for.

The it was time for the Pigs!!

Much to everyone’s surprise a table was set up in the middle of the hall with 8 mini tracks, we still didn’t know what to expect, but we were encouraged to place bets on any of the 8 racing pigs, all with names like Oinker, Chris P Bacon, Piggy Sue..etc, you get the idea.

Then 8 toy pigs were brought out by the starters to the line up and once the batteries were switched on, these little toys raced down the track, well some of them did.

There was much hilarity in the room as (Grown Up) people in the room screamed for their piggy. There were 4 races and all good fun. A very unusual ‘sporting’ night.

Our thanks to the pig racing organisers Owen Durrett who did a fantastic job commentating on the races and his wife Audrey, Kevin Mack and Phil Blows from Rushmoor Rotary club.

There was a talk given by Dan Acheson from Medecins San Frontieres. All the proceeds from the evening are going to that charity.

Also, well done to Mike Evans and his international and foundation committee for organising the whole night.




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