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Local Rotarian & retired Firefighter Tim Vile is on his way to help resolve the plight of tens of thousands of people affected by the earthquake this week in the Philippines.

It is reported that nearly 3 million people were affected by the 7.2 magnitude quake on Tuesday, which has caused landslides and widespread damage to infrastructure to the tourist destinations of Bohol Island & the nearby Cebu islands.

The death toll on Wednesday stood at 144 and was expected to rise, with most fatalities on the Bohol island, 390 miles south of the capital, Manila. * Source Reuters

Tim is a Response Team member for the international charity Shelterbox. He will be part of a small team of 3 –the other members arriving from New Zealand & the Philippines. They expect to stay to organise the relief of the immediate crisis –usually a 2 week period.

Shelterbox is a UK based disaster relief charity started by Rotary, it remains a Rotary Global Project Partner. It specialises in rapid deployment to natural or man-made disasters world-wide – Usually deploying within a few days. Providing families with the essential items such as shelter, water filtration & facilities for daily life (even a play pack for the children), all contained in a single box.

Tim said that they hope to arrange deployment of the boxes & begin helping the families that have lost everything as soon after the team arrives as possible.

He’s very grateful to the local Rotary Clubs of Farnborough, Aldershot, Rushmoor and Ash & Blackwater Valley for their huge support of the charity over the years. As well as Rotary fundraising, Shelterboxes are provided by donations from the public and corporate supporters. Each box costs £590 and individual donors can track their box & be told about the recipients.

For additional Information about this or joining Rotary please visit;

Additional Notes: Tim lives in Aldershot & was the Rushmoor Fire Station Commander 2002-10.He hopes to send updates during his stay & a further detailed release upon his return.

Shelterbox was formed in 2000 by the Rotary Club of Helston Lizard, Cornwall and grew rapidly to become a large charity that now operates world-wide in response to disasters –man-made or natural.

Shelterbox has deployed 200 times & helped 129,000 families since the year 2000.

Currently there are teams in the Philippines (Typhoon Utor) & Iraqi Kurdistan (Syrian Refugees).

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