At this week’s meeting we invited all of the charities that were to receive donations for their charity.

The money was raised in December, when Farnborough Rotary club members walked the streets of Farnborough alongside the Christmas float.

Over £16k was raised and today was the day that disbursements were made. Over 40 charities will receive the proceeds of the annual Christmas float campaign. 85% of the charities are local, although there are some national and international charities that will also receive cheques.

15 local charities attended the buffet lunch and they all gave a two minute presentation about their charity.

These are some of the pictures taken (photographer John Fletcher)


One response to “Local Charities Receive Cheques”

  1. Hi All.

    If possible could you please let me have copies of the photo’s you took of Tracy Kisko getting chq from you, as tracy ask me if I could print them off for her. I poss can you let me have the group phote and the single.

    Many thanks
    David Thompson

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