Rotary visit House of Commons Monday 3rd June 2013

Written by Graham Thomas

On a beautiful summers day and led by President Pam and husband David, a small group of Farnborough members and guests  dutifully met up at the early hour of 9am.

After security checks to see if were trying to sell Music in the Park tickets we met in Westminster Hall, with our very experienced guide for our tour. We were so fortunate in having a Parliament guide of some 17 years experience, namely the Head Doorman, assistant to Black Rod,  to entertain us for over an hour with informed and  humorous anecdotes.

House of commons VisitHe described each facet of the daily operations within the House of Lords and the Commons and brief descriptions of the characters of unnamed members of both Houses of Parliament

The day was special in that the Bill concerning Marriage of same sex couples was being voted on. Indeed, outside ,groups were forming up to opposes any change in the ‘marriage’laws.

We gained an insight into the history, the reconstruction of the buildings, the huge contribution by Augustin Pugin the architect and of course the strange relationships between opposing political groups.After heavy political exchanges ended, opposition leaders were heard discussing the results of last night’s football matches and the missed penalties

A truly well worth visit for which we must thank our honorary member Gerald for arranging for us.

A visit to the adjacent Jewel  Tower(details on the internet) temporary London address for Henry VIII, completed a really interesting and informed morning.

Our group scattered to see other parts of the metropolis whilst we joined with Pam and David for lunch at a local hostelry and an afternoon tour of Tate Britain with its magnificent display of English art in Pimlico, courtesy of our senior bus passes.

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