You plan the date a long time ahead, then real life takes over and everything happens at the run in the last few weeks. So it was with President’s Night when the club and its friends celebrate the end of the President’s year of office.

Each does it in his or her own style. I wanted to find relaxed, congenial surroundings and hear the loud buzz of conversation, backchat and banter over good food.

This came in spades at the North Hants Golf Club when some 65 of us gathered on a surprisingly sunny Saturday evening. Ash-based Blue Rumours, a blues and rock covers 4-piece band, gave us good music for eating to and dancing afterwards all the way through to midnight and beyond.

Then my year was more or less all over and I was ready to pass the torch on and join the ranks of Past Presidents.

Written by Immediate Past President Jim Thomson

President Jim and Angela

Pam Presented Me With A Specially Drawn Cartoon
To Remind Me Of My President’s Year 2011-2012

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