Unlike most of the British Banking sector Farnborough Rotary Club recently had their accounts audited and no trace of money laundering, excessive bonuses, and interest fixing were found.

Instead the accounts for the 2011-12 Rotary year, which ended on the 30th June were given the all clear.

The accounts showed that during the year £70,000 had been given out to deserving causes. The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice was a main benificiary with £40,000 raised from the Music in the Park event last July. Many other local causes like Knellwood (£3,300), Devereux House (£1,600), Parity for the Disabled (£950), The Source Café (£1,500), The Samaritans (£800), Frimley Park Hospital (£700), the Sea Scouts (£500), and Step by Step (£500), local schools (£1,100) and many other deserving causes .

President of the Club for last  year 2011-12, Jim Thomson noted that it had been a great year….

“A lot of hard work had gone into the fund raising events such as Music in the Park, the Donkey Derby, the Christmas collections. Although it was hard work it was a lot of fun, and it’s just great that as a result of our efforts we are able to help and support a lot of local groups that do such good work in our community”.

In addition to supporting local causes, some of the funds were also used to support charities working in Africa and the far East as well as the International Rotary Charities that are attempting to errdaicate Polio through out the world.

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