Farnborough Rotary club has donated £1500 to woman from Cove whose son has cerebral palsy

The club raise more than £13,500 from its collections over Christmas and agreed a list of grants totalling £12,000 to a number of local courses.

One of the grants was awarded to 26 your old Mikayla Chennels of Cripley Road.  Miss  Chennels’ son Ben aged five has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk. He can only sit down or call with help from others and needs daily physiotherapy treatment.

Ben has undertaken intensive physiotherapy courses at footsteps physiotherapy centre in Oxford, wWhich are carried out by highly trained therapists, using equipment that isn’t available anywhere else in the country. Return

A three-week physiotherapy session costs £1500 and Miss  Chennels is trying to raise enough money for Ben to undergo a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operation which aims to remove the pain and the spasticity in his leg so that he can use his muscles.

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The operation will cost £40,000 however and if Ben is not granted the SDR are in the UK he will need to travel to America for the operation which will cost £60,000

The Farmborough Rotary club donated £1500 towards Ben’s treatment and presented a cheque to the family at their home last Thursday.

Laurie Dudley from the Farnborough Rotary club’s community committee said “Mikayla approached us directly in mid January as she was searching for funds from Ben’s treatment. We looked hard at the request and decided it was worthy of our support. As a club we like to make a difference with our help and at one of our meetings there was common consent that we should make a significant donation”.

“I know Mikayla is working hard on this and I’m sure she knows she and Ben and her family have our sympathy and high hopes for a successful outcome”.

Miss Chennels gave birth to Ben at Frimley Park Hospital at 37 weeks.  Doctors could not tell her if Ben was affected as a result of an early false labour at 31 weeks or whether he had developed cerebral palsy before.

When Ben was born he seems fine but at four months old he did not have any control this head and he was later diagnosed with the condition.

Miss  Chennels 26, ben’s dad Jay Butler and his little sister Maddy are all hoping for a positive future for the boy to support the family visit www.just giving.com/Ben-B

Story by Natalie Garland Reporter News and Mail


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