Vulnerable people and those with disabilities will be able to use a new, accessible garden at Cove Green allotments from spring 2015.

The Farnborough Rotary Access Garden will give people, usually excluded from gardening, the chance to enjoy its many benefits.

Farnborough Rotarians and Rushmoor Borough Council voluntary service group Blooming Marvellous have been busily clearing a site at the allotments to make way for the garden.

Two garages have been demolished, with another left to serve as a garden workshop.

photo 4

One Of The Flower Beds Being Installed

photo 1

Our Cornered Flower Bed

Raised flowerbeds, accessible to wheelchair users, are being built to house an array of plants and vegetables. Car parking will also be made available.

Michael Smailes, of Farnborough Rotary Club, came up with the idea for the garden.

He said: “I have an allotment and gain a great deal of enjoyment from it. The accessible garden will open gardening up to a large group of people who would enjoy it too.

“We are applying for grants and are also looking to local businesses for their help in creating the garden. Once it is open, hopefully in the spring, we will hand its day-to-day
running over to the Blooming Marvellous, who will supervise gardening in a controlled and safe environment.”

This story was printed in the Arena Magazine Thank you also to Rushmoor Borough Council

2 responses to “Farnborough Rotary Access Garden – Work Has Started”

  1. Charlie Fraser-Fleming says:

    Now that’s an excellent idea. It will bring a great deal of enjoyment to many local people, who find the physical aspects of doing gardening and/or having an allotment somewhat difficult. Well Done

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