Today we had a visitor from the Rotary Club of Fleet Jim Crow Fleet Rotary Club Jim Crow gave us a very interesting talk about The Eyes For East Africa Project Eyes for East Africa (UK) is a registered charity, which was registered on 23rd  February 1996.

Its objects are: “To promote the relief, care and treatment of blind and partially-sighted people who are treated by Kwale District Eye Centre, Kenya”. The Kwale District Eye Centre operates in a poor rural district on the Kenya Coast.

It was founded in 1993 by UK trained ophthalmologist Dr Helen Roberts. The aim of the Eye Centre is to provide affordable, accessible eye care to combat the totally unnecessary rate of blindness that occurs in the area.

No patients are refused treatment. Donations are required, particularly to allow poor patients to undergo surgical procedures. There are many cases of child and youth kenyan boy blindness,  mainly preventable and symptomatic of poor diet and parental ignorance.

The most common cause of blindness is cataract, for which treatment is by surgery and the insertion of lenses.

Since its opening, 70,000 new patients have been registered at the Centre.

This figure does not include all the patients seen, as many need to return for ongoing follow up and care. Thousands of patients still receive support and eye care services both at the centre’s clinic, in schools and in the field.

In addition to the patients seen at the clinic, over 300,000 patients have been seen in the field. Over 28,578 eye operations have been performed, of which 24,009 were sight-restoring cataract operations.

In remote parts of Kenya, where the centre can only provide short-term help, over 23,219 patients have been treated.

You can find out more by going to there website here

There is a video about the charity and Dr Helen Roberts below…

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