This week’s club meeting was held last night. Mostly we meet lunch-times, but when there is a fifth Thursday in the month, we have an evening meeting.

Last night’s was held at our regular venue, the Holiday Inn  at Farnborough.

President Geoff Robinshaw and Terry Pettegrew

President Geoff Robinshaw and Terry Pettegrew

Dinner was served at 8, later than the usual 7.30 which meant more time for chatting amongst the members. Talking is one thing a rotarian is fond doing.…..

Our speaker was Terrence Pettigrew, (Terry), who had written a book about the Actor Trevor Howard, one of the great British film actors of the 20th century.

Terry show us video clips of Trevor Howard in various roles and told us anecdotes about the clips, Howard’s fellow actors and the directors he had to work with and sometimes endure.  He then took questions.

Terry, obviously loves his work and is truly knowledgeable about the film industry, he has also met with many of the stars from the silver screen. In fact, he spent two years with Trevor Howard, on and off, interviewing him about his life, before writing his book Trevor Howard : A Personal Biography

(From the Amazon site: This authorised biography of Trevor Howard, written with the actor’s full co-operation, is crammed with facts and insights and anecdotes about his long, distinguished acting career.

For forty years, from the mid-1940s, Trevor Howard was one of the great stars of British cinema, and worked with some of the best directors around, many of whom have added their recollections to this entertaining book.

Lavished illustrated, the book includes many photographs of his childhood in Ceylon and schooldays at Clifton College, being seen here for the first time.

His colourful personal life, ie, the ‘hell-raising’ years, are also examined in detail. Terence Pettigrew knew him well and has created a comprehensive, true-life portrait of a great actor).

Trevor Howard in The Third Man

Trevor Howard in The Third Man

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