Tim Vile has been in the Philippines for over a week now, working as a volunteer for ShelterBox. Tim is featured on the ShelterBox  website with his assessments here

He has sent us back two short reports on how thing are going and to keep us up to date on what he is actually doing on the ground.

Here is one he sent on Saturday 26th October 2013

We’re now working in the town of Loon.  Over 80% of the houses were destroyed or damaged.  We are relocating families with vulnerable members back to their homesteads where safe and possible. The evacuation centre is in full 33C sun and water/hygiene is not good.  The people’s reaction confirms our belief that they are happier at home near friends and work etc; it’s slower but better quality. Another team will be arriving next Tuesday to assist us and so we will able to target another town.
The other side is that when people see other families getting tents they can get angry which is understandable. We use the local Barungay (parish) chiefs to allocate and they have local elections so are in a difficult position but they are trying hard to be fair and of course we see the families when they arrive & check.
We access the town every day by means of small boats across a large river with collapsed bridge. Last night the return was in the dark which was interesting.
The aftershocks are reducing – one woke me at 1am which ruined a good dream!…..Tim
Image Taken From ShelterBox.org

Image Taken From ShelterBox.org


Here is a second email fro Monday 28th October…(Context) I emailed Tim to ask if there was any chance of A Skype call with him…

We don’t have access to wifi here and have bought a weird local thing like a mobile phone but does only wifi. Trouble is it keeps shutting down.  The result is that any use of the Internet is poor and I press send on emails and it can take overnight to go. 
My day starts at 7.30 when I leave for the 30 min drive to the Batang bridge, a large modern bridge over a river where one section collapsed. Last week access across was by bamboo laid over but there is now a good array of small boats. 
Then a 20 min drive to Loon. Today I am hoping to continue working with some marines who are now good with our tents. Also I will inspect the town evacuation centre for progress on the toilet block as there is 100 plus families there and we don’t want to place any more there until the hygiene is improved (nothing currently). 
Yesterday in order to access an area only 5 miles further on via another duff bridge we had to travel 90mins either way along hill tracks littered with landslides. One was 30 ft over the road.  But it is all completely worthwhile when a woman breaks down and cries with joy at the improvement in her family’s conditions a simple tent will bring. 
It’s raining now each day which means the humidity is high. The heat is not a problem as I’m used to plenty of hot air during Rotary meetings 🙂
Regards to all, Tim
Picture From ShelterBox.org

Picture From ShelterBox.org

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