At this week’s members meeting at the Holiday Inn Farnborough we had a special visitor, the District Governor.

FRANK WEST is the District Governor for our area and is a member of the Guildford Chantries Rotary Club. His club is one of three clubs that serve the Guildford area.

District Governor Visits Farnborough Rotary club

DG Frank West and Farnborough Rotary President Brian Fagg

In Frank’s speech he talked about his career as an engineer, before moving into sales (which dispels the idea that Rotary is full of doctors and solicitors, but more on that another time).

He also talked about how must continue to recruit new members and the fight against polio, which Rotary is at the forefront of pushing to eradicate and as we are told, we are ‘THIS’ close..

He also congratulated us on the success of our many fundraising activities in the local area.


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