Runways End

Two members of the Club, Sarah Dudley and Ted Benneyworth paid a visit to an activity weekend  arranged for nine young adults at Runways End on Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th June

Canoeing At Runways End

Canoeing At Runways End

Leader and co-ordinator for the weekend was Rob Clarke assisted by nine other young adults. The Rotary Club had contributed the sum of £1,000 being part cost of the weekend.

We were only present for one of the activities, the canoeing but one of the highlights was to see someone who was so fearful that they had to get out of a canoe before it went anywhere.

However, after extremely patient persistence by the helpers, they were encouraged to have a go, the only difficulty being that of extricating them from the canoe once they found they liked it and could do it!!!

An extremely worthwhile and encouraging time for all concerned.

There are some more fantastic photos from the day that you can see by clicking in this link

Written by Ted Benneyworth




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