Last month we gave our Community Award to the Singles Social Group.  Along with the award was a £250 cheque for a charity or good cause of the Social Group’s choosing.  They selected the Camberley All Night Café and went along last Friday night to hand over the donation.  This is their report.

So, here’s the thing – 

A few months ago we got approached by someone who said they wanted to nominate our group for a ”Community Service award”

Why, we wondered ? The reply was it was because of how we all supported each other here in the group …. looked out for each other emotionally and socially. 

It’s easy to get lost in a spiral of loneliness, it can hit at any time to any of us and it seems that we as a bunch of like minded people actually take the time to care about each other – it’s just what we do, no other agenda and for no other reason than just to hope our contribution makes a difference to someone’s day.

Anyhow we only went and won the award and with it came a cheque for £250 – we could donate it to a worthwhile cause of our choice.

We put up a poll shortlisting two of the smaller local charities

Your votes were cast and the decision made – Camberley All Night Cafe came out the winner

Last night we found our way there and handed over the money.

Humbling is one word I’d use, inspiring is another

Tucked away in a scout hut in Camberley, volunteers cook a warm and tasty dinner and pudding for whoever arrives through the door. The guys and girls are offered a warm bed for the night, showers and a safe space in which to relax. Breakfast is also available after which the Cafe closes for the day and the whole thing starts again in the evening.

Night in, night out, seven days a week this little hut serves as a sanctuary from the world in which anyone of us could find ourselves in.

We’re not so different from those at the Cafe…. we’ve all found our way here, we’ve all found the support we’ve needed and we’re all just a little bit less lonely because of it – exactly the same as those that found their way there.

There’s a massive thank you to you guys from all the folk at Camberley All Night Cafe and a warm welcome awaits if you fancy volunteering anytime.

Pay it forward lovely people. …. 
we are so blessed to have each other

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