Sam Rowe from The Academy Of Hard Knocks in Aldershot came to Rotary today to talk the members about his project to get young people off the street and help them to stay out of trouble.

His story was like many others that he is now trying to help. A serial offender, who spent a great deal of time, as a youth and an adult behind bars.

Sam Rowe

Sam Rowe

He cited information from the government that it costs £73k to keep a young offender in an institution for a year. Yet his 12 week programme has shown amazing results with many youngsters finding mentorship, guidance and a new out look on life. Which Sam believes has change their lives forever.

Here is an excerpt from their about page on Facebook
“The aims of The Academy of Hard Knocks are to provide a challenging environment for young people involved in anti-social behaviour, or have been brought to the attention of the authorities, to provide intervention, break the cycle of offending and prevent re-offending.
The Academy is designed to foster a spirit of team work, self-respect and discipline while being influenced by positive role models and undertakes its engagement at Fight Science, Aldershot – Europe’s largest MMA Gym”.

Recently Farnborough Rotary club gave a £500 contribution towards the building of their new website The Academy Of Hard Knocks

We wish them every success for the future

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