Rotary Club of Farnborough Privacy Notice

The Rotary Club of Farnborough and it’s members respect the
confidentiality of personal information we have access to and we will
always take every effort to protect this information under General Data
Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Personal information contained in this Handbook is protected under
GDPR and should only be used in accordance with the Privacy Notices
of the club, the district, Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland
(RIBI) and Rotary International. The up to date Club Privacy Notice is
available on the club website to view in full, and likewise, Privacy

Notices for the district, RIBI and Rotary International are on their
respective websites.

In addition, members of Rotary in RIBI have not given consent for any
of their details in this Handbook to be used by Rotarians, or any other
parties, for the purpose of circularisation (including individually
supported projects and other worthy causes), marketing or mailing
purposes. Legitimate needs for communicating within RIBI are met
through the use of the Data Management System available to all