Hello and thank you for visiting the the Farnborough Rotary website.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website for whatever reason you find yourself here.

It might be that you are a Rotarian seeking information, or someone needing our assistance, or possibly you might be considering becoming a Rotarian.

I am a sort of retired Salvation Army; you never really retire! I was encouraged when an active officer to be involved in Rotary and I have continued to be involved even in my
retirement. This is the fourth club of which I have been a member, taking on various responsibilities, including being the President of Derby Club – 2011/12.

Why say all this? I cannot think of a better movement to be involved in, (apart from the Salvation Army!) than Rotary. Where else can one be involved in a world-wide organisation
which not only seeks to benefit mankind in general but also local communities and individuals. We often help someone with a local specific need, to emergency relief in
disaster situations and we have made and continue to make a massive contribution towards the world-wide eradication of Polio.

I would hope there will be those who read this and think they should also become a Rotarian. You can be a Rotarian regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, gender or occupation.
There are no constraints with regard to religion, faith or otherwise.

I hope you find what you are looking for in these pages and welcome any approaches made to us, whether it is for assistance or to help us in our desire to serve our community.
We have a Rotary toast which is usually said at the conclusion of most meals – I leave it with you. ‘Rotary and peace, the world over’.

Ted Benneyworth

President Farnborough Rotary Club 2019/20