Recently local Rotary clubs got together to buy new computers for the charity Positive Action

£3000 was provided to buy a new IT set up. This was organised through one of Farnborough Rotary’s own members Laurie Dudley. Here is the text from the letter

Dear Laurie,

I would like to express our thanks and deep appreciation for the Club’s kind donation, in partnership with the other Rotary Clubs that are west of District 1140.  Farnborough Rotary's community work

As you are aware, through this local community partnership you have helped to fund two fabulous desktop computers for our Drop-in Centre, and to fund a replacement main file server and associated upgrades for our organisation. I would also like to thank you personally for your insight, energy and commitment to driving this project to its completion.

As a charity we aim to offer support for those affected with a HIV diagnosis as there is still a less than favourable discourse of knowledge and understanding of living with such a diagnosis. Our Aldershot Drop-in Centre provides a sanctuary for our clients. Activities which may be taken for granted elsewhere can be complicated for our clients, for fear of someone seeing what is being accessed on-line or via the search history of websites. Therefore, being able to safely conduct research on HIV treatment or link up on-line with peers with a similar diagnosis is invaluable.

Our Drop-in Centre is a confidential, safe haven for our clients regardless of their culture, ethnicity, religion, gender etc. This environment, complemented by the support of a dedicated team of Support Co-ordinators, professional Counsellors, a CAB Advisory service and complementary therapists is further enhanced by speedy access to the internet and use of IT facilities which may not be affordable at home.

The new computers will helve a profound benefit for the clients, with the fast processing speeds and modern operating software which will assist them to maintain links using social networking facilitate CV preparation and printing, enable faster job searches and the emailing of job applications, to complete Govermment and on-line form filling and conduct research for knowledge and pleasure.

Once again thank you for assisting in enhancing the lives of our, often stigmatised, client group.

Yours sincerely

Donna Bone

Chief Executive Positive Action

The actual letter can be found by clicking HERE

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