Nigel Baines a past president and former Rushmoor councillor passed away.

Nigel was President of Farnborough Rotary club from 2005-2006.

He had suffered with illness for the last couple of years.

He passed away at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham. on 25th February

One of Nigel’s favourite charities was Farnborough-based Parity For Disability.

He took part in many fund raising activities for Parity, including walking on hot coals and scaling large buildings, despite being in his late 60’s.

Past President of Farnborough Rotary club Nigel Baines

One response to “Past President and local councillor Nigel Baines has died”

  1. Norman Beaney says:

    Nigel always somebody I looked up to (still do), initially my manager and later a good friend. A thoroughly decent, honorable man for whom I have much to thank.

    I miss our chats Nigel, bye for now and see you later.


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