Every week the local newspaper, The Star interviews someone well known in the local area.

Recently it was Farnborough Rotarian John Batty, who was until July 2012, chairman of the annual Donkey Derby in Farnborough.

This year saw the 50th donkey derby in Farnborough, which brought more than 10,000 people to the King George the fifth playing fields in Sycamore Road Farnborough

The Star newspaper started by asking

What do  you like most about organising the donkey derby?
I like the fact that we are able to provide a family fun day for the local community. I think it generally moulds the community together. The majority go home having had a fantastic time-that is where I get my satisfaction from.

What sort of work have you done during your 10 years?
It’s quite a major event organised. We have a checklist-including the donkeys the marshals and getting the local schools involved.Farnborough Rotarian John Batty

How did you come into the role of organising the donkey derby?
Having been a member of the Farnborough Rotary club six months I suddenly found myself chairman of organising the donkey derby. I’d never actually been to a donkey derby before then so it was a baptism of fire  and really I enjoyed it.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I will still be involved certainly I just feel that there is more we can do. The donkey derby needs taking to the next level-the idea is to make it one of the largest events locally. Over the next five years we just need to progress the donkey derby.

If you could invite any three people to dinner who would they be?
Michael McIntyre, the comedian, Michael Heseltine, the Deputy Prime Minister to John Major in the 1990s. Edward Garazian. (John’s late business partner).

And what would you cook for them?
I think I would do a T-bone steak they’re all big eaters

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