Last night at one of our quarterly evening get-togethers we enjoyed dinner and a light hearted quiz.

I have attended many a quiz in my time and they can be a little bit serious and long winded, but ours wasn’t.

Quiz master John Batty set the questions and I assisted, well I’m not sure that assist is the right word, rather chipped in with the usual mickey taking banter.

A good range of questions were asked by John on all subjects, may particular speciality “Popular Music From The 60’s 70’s and 80’s” was not featured too strongly.

But the truth is that even I could answer some of the questions on my own, whoa!! steady…

Our club has its fair share of professions, too many to mention here, so when we have one of these kind of nights, which is not too often I might add, we form groups and there’s a lot of conferring and discussion…arguments never….

A great fun night and we also had members of Rushmoor Rotary and Blackwater Valley club too.

Actually we gate-crashed Blacwater’s event, I hope they didn’t mind.

If you want to get involved with your local Rotary club, have some fun and put something back in to the community..Get in touch

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