A couple of quotes that we have received from attendees..They were diected at John Batty, the main organiser, who worked tirelessly, with a small team to achieve a brilliant night for everone who attended.

John, my thanks again for the wonderful show you put on on Saturday. These events are always more nerve wracking the first time but it seemed to all go without a hitch. I’m sure it was enjoyed by all and you now have a ready audience for a repeat event. I hope financially it met your expectations and has given you the kick start you wanted for next year’s Music in the Park.

Thanks for your hard work

Nigel Penny
Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice


Dear John,

From my point of view, I thought the boxing side of things ran well. All officials performing their duties as would be expected of them, both fairly, and to a high standard. The boxing officials were well looked after and it appeared from an onlookers perspective that the evening seemed to run seamlessly. All that hard work that you must have put in beforehand was worth it. I hope that the evening was a success in your respect. Now that you have done all the fact finding and perhaps stumbled through some hurdles along the way, I hope that you have found running an event such as this to have been a worthwhile venture, and perhaps would like to stage something similar in the future.

Kind regards

Mick Budden
Hon SecR&J Commission of England

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