Picnic to music in the park is just days away.

Days away from one of the biggest events in Farnborough this year

The event is organised by Fanborough rotary club, but with the help of other local rotary clubs too. In fact, if it wasn’t for the help of the other clubs, I don’t know how we would do it…In fact we couldn’t do it without them.

We are also helped by members of Rotaract too, they are like younger members of Rotary and a very worthwhile organisation to get involved in especially if you are in your 20’s….but I’m getting of the track here…And if I don’t stop, I will be in trouble for not mentioning someone else…like Inner Wheel, there you go..Im stopping here for I will forget to mention some group or other…

As we keep our fingers crossed for the weekend, we hope that the event will be similar to two years weatherwise.

Two years ago the rain was horrendous, but it stopped raining on the Friday morning and we went on to raise £77k for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

I am sure the weather will hold out once more.

Because we have two Fabulous nights lined up. On the Saturday, it is the tribute band night, with the “Back Beat Beatles” and the “Counterfeit Stones“, two really great tribute bands. Two years ago the Back Beat Beatles made the event rock and I am sure they will do it again this year. I have heard great things about the Counterfeit Stones as they are reckoned to be the best Rolling Stones tribute band in Europe.

On the Sunday its a much more refined evening, the champagne glasses will no doubt be tinkling, as our audience tuck into their canapes and other goodies that they made as part of their picnic.

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, will perform light classics, well known classic film themes, music familiar from The Last Night At The Proms and we have soprano Janet Mooney, who performed for us two years ago and the tenor will be Edward Hands.

Both nights will end with a fantastic fireworks display.

Its going to be a fantastic weekend and I am looking forward to more than most in many ways as I have been asked to be MC again.

So all hands to the deck from Friday and I hope to see you there.


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