Our main objective is to raise funds for the local community and we do this by organising both internal club events and local community events – our biggest being the bi-annual Picnic to Music in The Park.

Farnborough Rotary Club’s Secretary says Thank You

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In the video below, the secretary of Farnborough rotary club, John Anderson, said thank you to sponsors and helpers at the Picnic To Music in The Park event in...

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Curry Night with Rushmoor Rotary Club

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Rushmoor rotary club are organising a curry night on Wednesday 30th September. Tickets are £15 per person and include (according to the flyer) a meal, activities and a bonfire. Proceeds are going to local charity Parity For Disability Sounds like a lot of fun, although I wonder what activities they mean. I’ll be there as will some of the members of Farnborough rotary club

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Music In The Park Cheque Handover

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Thursday 24th September is the day when a cheque will be handed over to the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. This money will be from the proceeds of our Picnic to Music in The Park two day event held in July. Two years ago, our club handed over a cheque for £77, 000. This year it will be significantly less. Not that the event was not successful, it was as many turned out to see the tribute bands on the Saturday and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra on the Sunday. But with the economic downturn and of course the terrible weather in July...

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Rotary Dinner and a Quiz for Farnborough

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Last night at one of our quarterly evening get-togethers we enjoyed dinner and a light hearted quiz. I have attended many a quiz in my time and they can be a little bit serious and long winded, but ours wasn’t. Quiz master John Batty set the questions and I assisted, well I’m not sure that assist is the right word, rather chipped in with the usual mickey taking banter. A good range of questions were asked by John on all subjects, may particular speciality “Popular Music From The 60’s 70’s and 80’s” was...

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Music In The Park Farnborough

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Here is a short video from Farnborough rotary’s Music In The Park event. I was compere, so didn’t get a chance to do as much recording as I wished I could of. Any way I think it gives you a flavour

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And the winners are!!

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Our Darts Champions receiving their trophies. You’ll find details in a previous post . Well done to all…Here’s to next year

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Picnic To Music In The Park

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Picnic to music in the park is just days away. Days away from one of the biggest events in Farnborough this year The event is organised by Fanborough rotary club, but with the help of other local rotary clubs too. In fact, if it wasn’t for the help of the other clubs, I don’t know how we would do it…In fact we couldn’t do it without them. We are also helped by members of Rotaract too, they are like younger members of Rotary and a very worthwhile organisation to get involved in especially if you are in your...

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Farnborough Rotary’s New Club President

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Farnborough Rotary Club has a new President. Every 12 months Rotary clubs locally, nationally and internationally elect a new president. Brian Parker is the new president. Brian joined Rotary in 2000 and has served on many committees. He was a former union official and although now retired, he is also a councillor with Rushmoor Borough Council. I know that Brian is very excited about being elected as president and looking forward to stewarding the club for the next 12 months So good luck to Brian SU

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Rotary Darts Champions

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ilst there are members who play golf, cricket, badminton and various other sports throughout the area, we also have within the club rotarians who are keen on darts. Last night in the inter-district competition final,   Farnborough rotary club beat the Rotary club of New Malden, at the Court House Pub in Cove, in a “thrilling” final of 3 games to 1. John “Arrows” Anderson won the initial game with a double 9 to win. The photograph below shows the winning dart, (Arrows wanted me to record the proof) The winning team...

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Farnborough’s Donkey Derby

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Its fast approaching,  one of the biggest local events in Farnborough. On Monday 26th May the traditionally English event of racing donkeys over 100 yards ridden by 10 year old children screaming with fright and delight is coming. Unfortunatley, the last two events have been cancelled, but the event has been a feature in Farnborough’s community since the 1960s and we are hoping that the good weather will return. But as I write this on the Monday before, it is looking grey and overcast, but its not raining so it would have still gone...

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