Farnborough Rotary Club, held a night of boxing at the Maida Gym in Aldershot last Saturday night, in aide of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice..

Over 400 people attended was what in my opinion (and most others that I talked to) a brilliant night.

It was an Farnborough Rotary and an ABA (Amatuer Boxing Association) home internationional between England and Ireland.

Sean Usher Anthony Joshua Keith Walter Chairman ABA

Young men came from all over England and Ireland to battle it out on the canvas.

The best boxer of the night, who won the “Golden Gloves” was a real contender for the 2012 olympics, was Anthony Joshua, pictured with, myself Sean Usher and Keith Walters of the ABA…I’m the one wearing the shorts 🙂

Eventually England won, but it was close and the boxers put up a real fight, for their team and country.

Here is a quote I gave to the local news….

“We had a terrific night, the gym was decorated with over 100 England and Ireland flags, there were smoke machines, flashing lights, large screen tv’s and glamorous girls selling tickets and parading the round number in the ring.

It gave the atmosphere of a big fight spectacular, especially as the boxers were led out into the ring with the music pumping, and the crowd applauding enthusiastically. A brilliant night”.

We hope to have another event next year. So think about coming, because it really was a fun night. We had a sit down 4 course meal, the gentlemen work black tie and the girls, yes there were ladies there, (about 25 actually) looked brilliant dressed up in all their finest.

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