Rotarians from local clubs came together at the Army Show to distribute free wristbands for children.

There can be nothing worse than losing your child in a crowd, even for a moment. If you have or had children, you’ll know what I mean.

At the army show, many of the local Rotary clubs including Farnborough, Rushmoor, Fleet, Aldershot, and Blackwater Valley set up a tent to distribute free wristbands.

The idea is quite simple: The mobile number of the parent, or whoever is accompanying the child is written onto the wristband, (which is made of strong paper) and this is then wrapped round the child’s wrist.

If a child does go missing, or simply gets lost in the crowd, an adult can call the number and the parent can be reunited with the child.

We have been setting up a tent for several years now at each army show and I know that parent are very appreciative.

As you can see below, it attracts quite a crowd.

Farnborough Rotary at the Army Show

Parents queuing for their children’s wristbands

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