Every July, every Rotary club throughout the world gets a new presidentPresident Farnborough Rotary club.

On the first of July Sean Usher became this year’s president of Farnborough Rotary club.

Sean has been with the club since 2001.

A local businessman, he formerley owned two resturants in Farnborough, but now concentrates on internet marketing for local businesses.

Each president of the club brings something different to the club and there have been 51 previous presidents of Farnborough Rotary Club.

Sean wants to make sure that he has a fun year, but at the same time carrying on the good work of Rotary locally.

“We want to recruit new members, in fact we are always looking for the right kind of people to join us. We want men and women from 40 years upwards who want to give something back to the local community”.

The club consists of nearly 50 members “The common view held by the public is that rotary clubs are filled with posh bankers, in fact we do not have a banker in our club at all, yes we have an accountant, a couple of lawyers, an architect and other “professions” but we also have a driving instructor, signwriter, aero engineer amongst many other men and women from all walks of life”.

So if you are interested, please contact us through the website for more information and give something back to the community.

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