Its fast approaching,  one of the biggest local events in Farnborough.

On Monday 26th May the traditionally English event of racing donkeys over 100 yards ridden by 10 year old children screaming with fright and delight is coming.

Unfortunatley, the last two events have been cancelled, but the event has been a feature in Farnborough’s community since the 1960s and we are hoping that the good weather will return.

But as I write this on the Monday before, it is looking grey and overcast, but its not raining so it would have still gone ahead. But lets hope it’ s sunny on the day, after all, it wont hurt you…. but it does effect how you go about eating your candy floss..

Talking of which, yes the fun fair will be there and no doubt the mini railway ride will feature as always. There will be lots of stalls manned by volunteers, displays in the centre circle, lots of laughter, a few tears from the donkey riders when they realise that its not so easy to stay on a a bony donkey going 7 miles an hour …..

Of course all the proceeds are going to local charities, so it makes it all worthwhile. We hope to have a crown of around 5-7000 and I hope you can make it.

In fact we are selling entry programmes in advance door to door and if the event is actually cancelled, we will still have some funds to cover our expenses, so that we can set it up again next year and give what’s left over to those nominated charities.

So take pity on us when we appear at your door and please buy a program, they are only £1 but £1.50 on the day

Yes its going to be a good day we hope we will see you there.

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