Today I along with rotarians Neil Wilson and Andrew Clarke played interviewers at Oak Farm School.

These were mock interviews. It gives the teenagers, aged 15-16 a chance to take part in an interview as if they were applying for a job. This is an annual thing that members of our club attend to.

We interview 6-8 teenagers for around 20 minutes each. We cover all areas, their background, ambitions, the grades they hope to achieve and then give then an analysis on how the interview went.

Although not a pressure interview, it does however make some of them nervous as they are marked individually and a mini report is written by us to pass back to their careers teacher and then back to them.

I believe they get a great deal from this, however although we may hold the sessions next year, the school is closing within 18 months and they may not get the opportunity again.

I think all schools should at least offer an opportunity for teenagers to brush up on their interviewing skills.

At Farnborough rotary club we have been involved for several years. We can hope that other schools will take up the baton and run with it.

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