There is no doubt that this is one of the coldest winters for many a year. Tough for Farnborough Rotary Club too.

The snow which has been with us since the 3rd week of December, has meant that our club has had to cancel our usual Christmas street collections and we’ve had to cancel or regular weekly meeting last week.

As we start this new week, we’re still not sure if our meeting scheduled for this coming Thursday lunch, will go ahead.

Its a timely reminder that as a club we do have a responsibility to look after our other members, especially those who may live in rural areas and indeed maybe frail.

Talking of which, one of our members,  I thought I would mention Tom who has been with the club for 28 years. A proud Welshman who unfortunately suffered a bereavement last year with the loss of his wife Ann. They had been married for a very long time.

I phoned him the other day to see how he was getting on as he lives on Yateley common, right at the end of a track and with the snow being as heavy as it has been over the last few weeks, I knew it would be difficult for him to get about.

He was as chirpy as ever, said he had “plenty of grub”, (he’s very down to earth) and that the neighbours had been round regularly and that he was OK. Typical Tom.

I sent out an email to our members to ask if anyone who had a 4X4 could visit Tom and maybe pick him up for this weeks meeting. A number of people responded and if the meeting goes ahead Tom  will get there.

But I was particularly impressed with others, who do not have a 4X4 but felt they could pick him up anyway, although I would not recommend it, as the track is quite thick with snow.

Following my email that I sent out yesterday, one of our other members, I wont  mention his name for fear of embarrassing him (KH), who lives in Yateley, took the bull by the horns and went to see Tom and check if he was Ok. (He hasn’t got a 4X4 and had to leave his car half way down the track)

He was, they spent some time together, shared a whisky and KH left knowing that Tom was indeed OK. Now that is what I call true Rotary spirit.

No doubt Tom has received many phone calls over the Christmas period asking if he needed anything and it is a timely reminder to all of us to look after our elderly neighbours, family and friends

Fellowship, one of the foundations of Rotary.

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