PRESS RELEASE 31/12/2018


Farnborough Rotary Club members praised the town’s residents for their outstanding generosity towards December’s Annual Christmas Float charity collections.  President Michael Smailes said “At a time when many people are having to tighten their belts we collected an amazing total of £15,000 from our daytime collections in the shopping areas and evenings touring residential areas.  We are truly grateful to everyone who supported us and for the generosity of Farnborough residents.  As we do every year we ensure every penny goes out to deserving causes and charities, mostly local.”

“We collected on 11 days in Farnborough town centre, North Camp and at several out of town stores. We are very grateful to the Princes Mead Shopping Centre, B&Q and Costco in Farnborough, together with Marks and Spencer’s at The Meadows and Waitrose in Frimley, for allowing us to collect on their premises – it made a big difference.  We also collected on many local roads over 19 evenings supported by Santa Claus and his merry team of elves.”

“The Rotary Christmas collections have become a local tradition as they have been taking place for many years, and we also appreciate the warmth of the welcome we receive.  It’s so rewarding when parents remember the excitement they felt when they were young and now bring out their own children to experience the same joy.  And it cheers us up no end to see the brilliant decorations on the town’s houses.  Sadly a heavy downpour meant we had to cancel one Saturday evening but members and friends rallied round to reschedule the collection the following week.”

Farnborough Rotary Club is extremely grateful to the friends and partner organisations who supported our collections, as their enthusiasm and practical assistance helped ensure a successful outcome.  In the coming weeks the club’s members will allocate the money raised to worthy causes and charities.  Typically around 30 groups benefit immediately each year.  A small amount is held back to meet urgent needs arising during the following months.

Farnborough is one of several clubs in the area reporting similar success this year.  Rushmoor and Aldershot Rotary Clubs also operate in the borough and the Fleet, Hart, Camberley and Ash & Blackwater Valley clubs in the wider area.  All welcome people motivated and with time to give to work for the wider community.

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