Farnborough Rotary Club whose members annually pound the streets of Farnborough with collection tins have raised £12,524 over the Christmas period.

This amount is down on the money raised last year, but according to veteran rotarian John Grenham, the club is very happy, considering the downturn in the economy, the people of Farnborough have been generous and we are extremely grateful. In recent years we have tried to make a target of around £12,000, but thought this year that would not be achievable.

One additional donation was also gratefully received, a turkey. Club President Bill Cooke received the gift, as he explained” This lady approached me when I was doing one of our  collections and said the she had bought a turkey, but so had her husband, so now they had two, would I be able to find a suitable home”.

The turkey was given to Deveraux House, the retirement home in Farnborough.

The money raised will be passed on to many local and national charities.

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