Here is a press release sent to the local press


Heavy snow falls and icy conditions before Christmas, stopped members of Farnborough Rotary club from making collections on many housing estates in Farnborough.

The street collections which are held every year, raise money for local charities.

The club’s vice president Sean Usher said he was disappointed, but says safety comes first “The club’s members, made a tremendous effort to get out and collect as often as possible, but towards Christmas it just got too risky. There was too much snow and ice on the footpaths”.

The club normally collects for around 20 nights leading up to Christmas, but this year they only managed 13. “There are 7 areas in Farnborough that we just didn’t get to and I know that many people on these estates would have been looking forward to seeing our Christmas float and seeing Father Christmas out in the street too, So I would like to apologise to them.

“I think that we were in for one of our best years, in terms of collections. The people of Farnborough are always so generous, but this year even more so. Our Christmas collections normally total £11-12k and we were on target to beat this quite easily.

“Its disappointing that we didn’t match previous year’s collections, but we still raised £9k for local charities and that is something we are all proud of”.

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