Phyllis Tuckwell’s son accepts £20,000 cheque from Farnborough Rotary

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The son of the founder of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice today accepted a cheque from Farnborough Rotary Club. The cheque for £20,000, were the proceeds of the Picnic To Music in The Park concerts held in July this year at the King George V playing fields in Farnborough. In the video below, Chris tells rotarian Sean Usher that its not just about the...

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Farnborough Rotary Club’s Secretary says Thank You

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In the video below, the secretary of Farnborough rotary club, John Anderson, said thank you to sponsors and helpers at the Picnic To Music in The Park event in...

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Curry Night with Rushmoor Rotary Club

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Rushmoor rotary club are organising a curry night on Wednesday 30th September. Tickets are £15 per person and include (according to the flyer) a meal, activities and a bonfire. Proceeds are going to local charity Parity For Disability Sounds like a lot of fun, although I wonder what activities they mean. I’ll be there as will some of the members of Farnborough rotary club

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Frank Sinatra Evening

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Sean has suggested that 29th October be an evening remembering Frank Sinatra and Dean martin, this would be a great ending to the Club’s 50th Anniversary year. I hope that ALL Farnborough Rotarians will attend and bring friends if you can. Jeremy

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Rotary Dinner and a Quiz for Farnborough

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Last night at one of our quarterly evening get-togethers we enjoyed dinner and a light hearted quiz. I have attended many a quiz in my time and they can be a little bit serious and long winded, but ours wasn’t. Quiz master John Batty set the questions and I assisted, well I’m not sure that assist is the right word, rather chipped in with the usual mickey taking banter. A good range of questions were asked by John on all subjects, may particular speciality “Popular Music From...

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