"The Rotary Club of Farnborough was formed in 1959 and currently has 54 members."

"Farnborough Rotary Club meets every Thursday for lunch at the Holiday Inn Farnborough. We are a club of 54 men and women. One of our main aims, is to give back to the community and we are always looking for like-minded people to join us."

Welcome to Farnborough Rotary Club

Introducing Farnborough Rotary Club

Farnborough Rotary club organises a number of local events, like the Donkey Derby, Music In The Park Farnborough, Christmas street collections and many others.

Although we are known for these locally high profile events, we also have a lot of fun and many events that are never publicised.

The backgrounds of our members are varied. Many people think that Rotary clubs are full of just bank managers and other professional people, this not quite the case.

We have lots of local business people. For example we have a jeweller, an estate agent, a local baker, sales and marketing professionals, a pharmaceutical dispenser…to name just a few professions of the 54 members.

We also have a retired GP, some local councillors and a restaurant owner. A real mixture of people and personalities….But at present no bank managers. :)…However if you are a local bank manager, (even retired) with the energy to get involved, then we’d love to hear from you.

If you feel you would like to get involved in the community and you can attend our lunch-time meetings, plus you don’t mind meeting once a month for a committee get together, then please get in touch.

We are always looking for people with energy, enthusiasm and a little time on their hands.

If you are interested in coming along to one of our meetings to see us in action and meet the members, please contact our membership team leader   John DebenhamEmail or call  01252 545822


Are you aged 18 - 30 and interested in helping out the local community while meeting new people and having fun?
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